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Farmington, Connecticut Air Duct Cleaning

Your HVAC system plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable. However, if it’s been years since you’ve cleaned out your air ducts, it may also be polluting your indoor air. Contaminants such as dust, dirt, and pollen all make their way into your HVAC system over time. Without proper cleaning, your heating and air conditioning then circulates these contaminants around your home or business. For this reason, we recommend having your air ducts professionally cleaned every 3-5 years. At Better Air, we provide residential and commercial air duct cleaning in Farmington, CT. We are a local Connecticut business and are dedicated to providing a thorough service that will make your space cleaner and healthier.

What’s Inside Your Air Ducts?

Any particles that circulate around your home and business are likely to end up inside your HVAC system’s air ducts. That includes dust, dirt, mold, pollen, rodent feces, carpet fibers, bacteria, and chemical residue. If you have pets, pet hair and dander will also accumulate inside your vents. If you’ve recently had construction done, there may be construction debris such as sawdust, drywall dust, plaster, and even nails and screws. All of this build-up gets caught in your HVAC system’s filters and ductwork. You may be able to see some of it by shining a flashlight into your vents, or even on the surface of the vents. For homeowners, a professional cleaning every 3-5 years is usually sufficient. If you have recently completed construction, or if you run a commercial building with heavy foot traffic, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned more often.

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your HVAC system’s ductwork isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s about health and efficiency as well. Every time you use your heating or cooling, you disturb the accumulated contaminants. These then get circulated throughout your entire home or business. This poses a number of health risks, including an increased risk of sinus problems and respiratory infections. They can also aggravate the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Clean air ducts mean clean air, which is important for the health of everyone inside. A professional air duct cleaning can also bring your energy bills down. When your ducts and filters are clogged with contaminants, the HVAC system cannot work at maximum efficiency. Cleaning out all the build-up returns your system to peak efficiency, cutting down your heating and cooling costs. Cleaning can also help to extend your HVAC system’s life.

Choosing an HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Company

When choosing a company to clean your air ducts, make sure you choose a company that has been certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. You should also look for a company that has proven experience and dedication to customer satisfaction. At Better Air, HVAC system and duct cleaning is all we do, and our team is highly experienced. We use powerful vacuums to clean each part of your ductwork thoroughly. We also provide before and after photos, so you can see just how clean your air ducts are when we’re finished. We’re proud of the work we do for Connecticut families and businesses, and we would love to provide you with better air.