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Fairfield, Connecticut HVAC Duct Cleaning

If you own a Fairfield home or business, you undoubtedly care about it and the people inside it. You probably put a lot of time and effort into keeping things clean, healthy, and properly maintained. One part of any building, whether it be your home or business, that is often overlooked is your HVAC system’s air ducts. While out of sight, these air ducts can have a large impact on your home or office’s cleanliness and energy efficiency. Imagine what would happen if you never vacuumed; dirt, dust, and all the other debris people trailed in with them would accumulate over time. This is exactly what happens inside your air ducts. If you neglect your system’s air ducts, you can undermine all your other efforts to stay healthy and clean. At Better Air, we specialize in HVAC system and duct cleaning and have helped many homes and businesses around Fairfield and throughout Connecticut. We provide thorough, professional Fairfield duct cleaning that will keep your HVAC system working efficiently and maintain high air quality within your home or business.

Why Is It Important to Clean HVAC System Air Ducts in your Fairfield Home or Business?

Over time, all of the contaminants that come into your home or building end up inside your HVAC system as it circulates air. This includes dirt, dust, mold, pollen, pet hair, pest feces, dander, and more. These substances will coat the inside of your air ducts and clog your HVAC system’s filters. This causes your HVAC system to work less efficiently, using more energy to provide heat and cooling. The contaminants can also significantly decrease your Fairfield home or business’s air quality. As you use the heating or air conditioning, your HVAC system will circulate the contaminants that have built up inside it back throughout your building. This means that you’ll be breathing these contaminants in regularly, which can pose a number of health risks. Particularly if you suffer from asthma or allergies, you may notice that your symptoms are worse. The contaminants can also increase the risk of respiratory infections and sinus problems. For your home, Fairfield air duct cleaning is essential to protect the health of your family. In a business, it’s important in order to keep both your employees and customers healthy.

Why Choose Better Air as Your Fairfield, CT Air Duct Cleaning Service

At Better Air, cleaning HVAC and vent systems is our entire job. We have a team of experienced, Fairfield duct cleaning experts and the best professional tools in order to complete each residential or commercial job thoroughly. We use a 6-step cleaning process that includes surveying the furnace and HVAC system, connecting our high-power vacuum to clean out each air duct, using compressed air to get rid of build up in hard-to-reach places, replacing clogged filters, and carefully cleaning the job area. We are committed to being thorough and clean all parts of the HVAC system, including supply branches, return branches, trunk lines, and filters. After each job, we want our Fairfield customers to be able to see our results, so we take before and after pictures inside of your air ducts. That way, you can see the difference that our work makes. After we leave, you’ll also notice the difference in the improved air quality and in your lower energy bills. If you are looking for air duct cleaning in Fairfield, we would love to show you the difference that professionalism and dedication can make. Give us a call at 800-382-8227 to book our duct cleaning services today.