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Office Building Air Duct Cleaning in CT & MA

Maintaining a safe and healthy space for an office building starts with the HVAC ducts and ventilation system. When an office building does not have clean ducts, it interferes with your business by preventing clients, partners or others from feeling comfortable in your space. In some cases, the dust, pollen, and other pollutants build up to cause poor indoor air quality. At Better Air, we offer quality commercial office duct cleaning. Our team of certified professionals are experienced in office air duct cleaning and are familiar with the HVAC systems used throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We take pride in our high standards that keep you and your clients healthy.

How Your Commercial Ducts Get Dirty

The HVAC system in a commercial building provides ventilation and helps move air through the space. Dust, pollen and pollutants build up from normal environmental factors, such as high pollen counts in the air during spring or dust from normal activities. In a commercial office building, a large number of individuals move in and out of the space. The constant traffic brings in more dirt from shoes, opening and closing doors or environmental pollutants in the surrounding area. Over time, the dust, pollen and pollutants build up and get trapped within the system.

Why Keep the Ducts Clean in Your Building?

There are several reasons a business owner wants to maintain clean ducts in an office space. The primary reason is indoor air quality. At Better Air, a professional cleans out the system and removes dust, dirt, and pollen from the ducts. As a result, your clients and your employees breathe better air throughout the day and they face fewer complications related to air quality. You also want to keep the air ducts clean because the trapped dirt and dust allows bacterial or fungal growth within the air ducts. Over time, the growth of bacteria, mold or other organisms can cause sicknesses. You want to maintain a clean HVAC system in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut to prevent the spread of sicknesses.

How We Clean Your Office Building Ducts

The certified professionals at Better Air are experienced with cleaning HVAC systems and we set high standards for our team. Due to the complexity of commercial HVAC systems, we use high-powered tools to remove dirt and contaminates from the office ducts. We use high-powered vacuums to clean every area of the duct and we always provide images to show the ducts before and after we clean them for your satisfaction and knowledge. We know that you want a clean duct for a healthy office environment and we care about your indoor air quality. That is why we work hard to ensure that your office or commercial building has excellent indoor air quality.