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How Often, and When, Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

When was the last time you thought about your ducts and whether or not they were clean? Most people do not ever give their ducts a second thought, believing them to ne clean enough. But over the years, your ducts start to collect not just dust, but debris, insects, and even pests like rodents and mold. Besides simply blowing all of those contaminants into your home every time you turn on your HVAC system, these elements can start to clog up your vents, making them less efficient. This means you’ll have to pay more to cool or heat your building.


Better Air has a new phone number and domain name. At Better Air we take pride in HVAC Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Duct Cleaning to ensure a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. Air Duct Cleaning is all we do at Better Air, so why not have a phone number and domain name that deliver this message? We hope that our new phone number and domain name will help our new and existing customers remember our contact information without out having to search for us online.


Monday, May 27, 2013 (20130527)

Better Air is proud to inform our customers and prospective customers that we are members of both the  National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). We are committed to maintaining quality industry standards, as well as, exceeding by going above and beyond for our customers. We very much appreciate your Business, and we hope to continue this journey together!

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